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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Executives or Entrepreneurs ?


EXECUTIVES or entrepreneurs? This seemingly trivial question is creating quite a stir in the job market. Recruitment packages with starting salaries in the range of Rs 50 lakhs perannum, top positions in some of the world's largest multinational companies, additional perks and a secured future — are all very lucrative for a fresh graduate. But then again, for some the chance to implement new ideas capable of bringing in a new dimension, a vision different from the ordinary, the desire to experiment and to bring about a change, could sound just as exciting.

Business managers are usually expected to work within predefined rules and procedures of the company employing them, developed over the years, for customers, suppliers and employees. And many of these 'skills' they need, can supposedly be taught. Thus, paving the way for B-schools. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are people who can identify unfulfilled needs and the means to fulfil them. They are willing to take big risks to undertake newer ventures and bring in new goods and services providing enough competition in the market.

Of late, many executives have decided to shift lanes mid-career citing lack of motivation and flexibility, monotony, the urge to create and work on their own terms as reasons. However, they agree that a stint in the corporate sector helps considerably in one's individual enterprise. "Minimum work experience can take you a long way.You have not seen the dynamics of the corporate world and you need to learn how to tackle business situations," says Sapna Kapoor, student (Masters in services), Faculty of Management Studies, DU. But there is always the risk of failure and rejection.

In response, various institutes encourage students to take up entrepreneurship by stipulating assistance in the placement process in case the venture is not successful. Countering the odds, Ankita Agarwal, student, International Management Institute (IMI), Delhi, maintains: "I would prefer to start my own venture for the sheer challenge of it.

Becoming an entrepreneur needs a lot of guts, a vision and some support and I think I have all that in place." Others however, think that it is better to not enter such wobbly domains at an early stage. "I would prefer a regular job because firstly I think being an entrepreneur involves taking a huge amount of risk, and I personally think I would perform better in a structured and orderly environment, atleast till I have gained sufficient experience in the field of my choice," informs Mohit Sharma, student, IMI. What the country needs is a symbiosis between entrepreneurs and executives to take the economy forward.

Sunil Sharma


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