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Friday, September 5, 2008

The Counsellor - 7

Hydro power

I am in second year pursuing BE. Could you please tell me something about jobs in the hydropower sector.

Lokesh Gambhir

As with many of the other renewable energy technologies, the design, construction, and maintenance of hydropower plants requires electrical and mechanical engineers, technicians, and skilled workers. If the hydropower project also involves managing the reservoir and the surrounding land, the developer will also hire recreation planners and resource managers.
In addition, licensing laws now require current or prospective hydropower plant developers to assess the environmental effects of their operation. Thus, the hydropower industry now also employs environmental scientists (biologists, hydrologists, ecologists, and wildlife habitat specialists, for example) to assess environmental impacts and address environmental remediation. Environmental scientists, as well as engineers, also participate in R&D efforts through private companies, national laboratories, and universities.

Caree Guidance India

Higher studies

I have completed BSc (physics) and now wish to pursue biophysics. Please suggest some prominent universities that offer MSc in this specialisation and its course content.

Vidushi Sinha

Biophysics applies the principles of mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics to the study of living cells and organisms including structures and fine structures, bioelectric phenomena, radiation effects, molecular behaviour, photosynthesis, membranes and modelling. With
breakthroughs in unravelling the DNA, it is now possible to study the inner workings of biological systems with unprecedented precision to investigate how the brain processes and stores information, the heart pumps blood, muscles contract etc. Biophysicists work in universities, industry, medical centres, research institutes and government.
The best place to study this in Delhi would be at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. The Department of Biophysics, at AIIMS, is a centre of drug discovery and clinical proteomics. It combines the fields of structural biology, bioinformatics and proteomics seamlessly. The goal of modern research in drug discovery is to develop drugs that are demonstrably better than the existing therapies, which will act in a specific way with minimal side effects. Conventional approaches of drug discovery can end up being a long and an expensive process. Hundreds of thousands of samples need to be screened before reaching some potential compounds with desired properties. Not just that, it could end up taking dozens of years and millions of dollars.
However, with the advances in
protein structure determination, structure-based drug design has emerged as a powerful and swifter tool for developing new drugs with specific properties and minimal side effects. In structure-based drug design, the three-dimensional structure of a drug target interacting with small molecules is used for drug discovery. This method allows you to see exactly how the Ligand molecule interacts with its target protein. Moreover, the designed compounds that have affinities in the acceptable pharmacological range can be further processed for other biological assays and clinical trials.
The eligibility is BSc (H) with at least 60% aggregate. Selection is on the basis of an entrance exam of 90 minutes’ duration with 90 objectivetype questions.MSc biophysics is also offered at the Panjab University, Chandigarh, University of Mumbai, University of Madras and a couple of others.

Caree Guidance India

Career blues

I will be appearing for my boards this year. Since I like science subjects, I'll probably be taking PCM/B in class XI. However, I am not really aware of the options available for science students other than engineering and medicine. Please guide.

Singhra Goel

Options related to the sciences are many and varied — engineering, architecture, technology, civil aviation, merchant navy, computers, medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology and related fields including microbiology, biochemistry, forensic science, agriculture, pure and applied sciences (physics, chemistry, maths), environmental science/technology, geology, meteorology and many others.
If you are academically inclined, you can go into research or
teaching. If you are applicationoriented, you can go into engineering or technologyrelated careers in industry. Alternatively, you can opt for a degree in business management at the postgraduate level if you wish to broad base your options.
Moreover, after completing your 10+2 with science, you can choose to pursue just about any field open to humanities and commerce students ranging from law to design and mass communication - adding up to a mind-boggling choice of 3,000 plus career options.
Do make it a point to read up and talk to people about various possibilities and options that interest you. If you do this consistently, you'll be amazed how much you pick up. The more informed you are, the better equipped you'll be to rule out several of the inappropriate options and flag the 'possible' ones. And by the end of it you would have a list of your own.
What you really need to do at this stage is to try and narrow down your choice(s) to one or two broad options so that you can concentrate on planning a career around it. Take a good career aptitude test to help you identify the fields that are most suited to your interests, temperament and personality. I have an one called the "I-Opener", which you could take. Details are available at

Caree Guidance India

Dentistry dreams

I will be completing my Bachelor's in dental surgery (BDS) this year. Are there any job prospects for a dentist in the armed forces?

Shah Alam

Sure there are. The Armed Forces Medical Service recruits dental surgeons in the Army Corps both in direct permanent commission as well as in the short service commission. The eligibility and selection procedure is as follows:
For Direct Permanent Commission:
Eligibility: BDS (60%)/MDS. You should have completed one year rotatory internship, must have a permanent dental registration certificate of the Dental Council of India and be medically fit.Age should be below 28 years as on December 31. Selection is on the basis of merit in BDS, written (objective) exam, clinical test and interview.
For Short Service Commission:
BDS (55%) or MDS. You should have completed one-year rotatory internship, must have a permanent dental registration certificate of the Dental Council of India and be medically fit, age below 45 years of age as on December 31, selection on the basis of merit in BDS, interview. Selected candidates have to undergo medical examination. For further information, contact: Armed Forces Medical Services (DGAFMS/Dental), Room No. 9, 'L' Block, M/o Defence, New Delhi 110001.

Sunil Sharma


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