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Friday, September 5, 2008

Yoga Education in India

School of thought

Yoga education in India represented so far merely by a few yogic postures and breathing exercises, is taking a step towards a more formalised structure. A 90-year-old yoga institute in Mumbai is working to create a formal course that, if adopted, can impart yoga education to students from class I to the undergraduatelevel. The institute recently presented its case, to include yoga in school curriculum, to the health and education ministry officials at a seminar in Delhi.

"There is a need to rescue yoga education from institutes that have restricted its scope to mere postures and breathing exercises. In reality, it is the science of a basic value system which if imparted to children in a proper way can lead to their holistic development," informed Hansa Jayadeva, director, The Yoga Institute.

Besides the basic set of asanas and pranayams, yoga teaches its students how to live life. "If children can be taught yoga as a part of their school curriculum, there will no longer be a need for psychologists, counsellors and self-help books," stated Jayadeva.

But seeing as how this value system is essentially considered a part of Hindu philosophy, will that not affect a school's so-called secular outlook? "The basic value system that we are proposing through the curriculum includes general precepts universally applicable to enhance a child's personality like self-analysis, peace, faith, tranquillity, co-operation and performing one's duties. The problem comes when these precepts are imparted with certain techniques that are core to Hindu philosophy, like humming the sound of 'om'. However, the curriculum that we are proposing does not include these techniques and leaves out Vedanta philosophy," explained Jayadeva.

On how a child will relate to these concepts, which are considered philosophical in nature, Jayadeva added: "Yoga talks about joyful learning and based on this, we have proposed an indirect method of teaching through nature, stories and games to train children in controlling their mind from a young age. Once a person is trained in controlling the mind he/she will know how to deal with stress and failures. We have also proposed direct teaching, through analysis, for higher classes."

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