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Friday, September 5, 2008

Research Methodology : MBA

Research methodology

THE state of management research in Indian B-schools is hardly something to boast about. Any and every global ranking illustrates how Indian B-schools lose out to their global counterparts on the research front. In response, various B-school deans converged in Delhi last week at a conference organised by the Association of Indian Management Schools, to analyse the extent of the problem.

A strong research culture leads to programme and curriculum innovation. "Most B schools are ignoring the fact that knowledge and innovation can come only through research. And it is innovation that drives the market and industry. Bschools need to be more focused on teaching that is research driven," opined Uday Salunkhe, president, AIMS and director, Welingkar Institute of Management Development.

Most MBA courses include research methodology in their curriculum however, as most of the deans agreed, it is taught as a dead subject and eventually discourages students to pursue it further. Besides, lesser incentives for people choosing research is another giveaway. Most PhDs, today, head for the industry rather than the academic world because the remuneration structures just don't match up. "There is a need to revive salary structures if B-schools want more people to be involved in research," stated M R Rao, dean, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, that was recently ranked 20 th in the Financial Times ranking of the best B-schools in the world.

Further, a fairly de-motivated faculty undertaking research has only added to the concerns. "We need to give a one-time big incentive for converting research output into small elective courses, give due coverage to publication works of researchers in media and proper funding should be provided for travelling and infrastructure," suggested Vijaya Katti, chairperson (research), Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.

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