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Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Counsellor - 2

Adjustment Problems

I am in class XII, preparing for my board and medical entrance exams. I am from a Hindi-medium school and always topped till class X. I changed my school in class XI 
  and I am facing difficulties since then. Though I am trying to adjust, I feel jealous when I see someone else on top. Also, I feel I waste most of my time sleeping and when I am unable to complete my targets, I lose my temper. What should I do to make things right?


Adjustment to a new environment and situation requires time and the people around us may not make it an easy task for us. Peers have a significant influence on us and any feeling of not being at par with them can make us feel low and dejected. However, this is the time to put in your maximum effort, though you have been doing it since long and have significantly progressed in it. Ensure that you cover the entire syllabus and understand what is being taught. Clarifying your doubts is extremely essential. At the same time, it is also important that you try and develop a schedule that will help you balance the studies for both — your entrance and board exams, as both are equally important. It does sound tough but taking help of others around you to help you stick to your schedule will be beneficial as well.Try this and it will certainly make a difference. 

Loss of Concentration

I completed my post-graduation in public advertising two years back and currently, I am pursuing an MBA from Symbiosis through correspondence. My problem is that I find it difficult concentrating on my studies, as I am an average student and also because of time constraints as I recently got married. What should I do to improve my scores? 


There are various ways of improving concentration that can help you build your ability to focus. I don't know much about the silva mind control training, but I think you can find out more about it and decide to choose if it works for you. Besides, ensure that you sit on a study-table while studying and there is nothing except your textbook on your table, to minimise any kind of distraction. Before you start studying, pick up any newspaper and circle out all the 'e's' in any one paragraph or if you are a music enthusiast, you can pick any instrumental song which has four or five instruments playing, and try and focus on any one of the instruments. These exercises will help your mind focus before you start studying and subsequently help build up your concentration level. Also, ensure that while you are studying, you don't have the television, music system or a phone lying besides you. Try these out and your scores will surely improve. 

Sunil Sharma

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