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Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Counsellor - 1

I will be appearing for class X ICSE board exams this year. Though I aim to excel but I think I am not putting in my best effort. My parents and teachers have a lot of expectations from me and I don't want to let them down. Another problem is that I feel very sleepy which I guess is a major hindrance to my progress. Please help. 


Besides our own expectations, more often than not, we are also burdened with the pressure stemming from our parents, friends, families and teachers and trying to live up to these expectations frequently creates feelings of nervousness and anxiety within an individual. At times, this may manifest itself into a tendency to try and avoid things that may be particularly relevant to the achievement of one's goals. So your feeling sleepy and being hindered in your studies by unrelated events can be seen as a possible sign of anxiety.And the best way of overcoming this will be to force yourself to get down to your studies, starting with topics that you find relatively easier and gradually moving to the difficult ones.Take some guidance from your teachers or elders on ways to improve your scores. Also, take regular self-tests to help build your confidence. Try these things and I am sure that things will work out for you soon. 


I am a class X student and will be appearing for my board exams this year. My problem is that I am an average student and I am unable to concentrate on my studies. Also, my principal has given me a last chance to improve my scores in pre-boards, else I won't be allowed to appear for boards.What should I do? 
  Priya Gupta 


Many students experience such anxiety where concentrating on studies tends to be difficult despite the overburdening pressure of board exams. However, it is also important to constantly remind yourself of the relevance and importance of these exams and try and gear up to work even harder. To improve your concentration, ensure that you sit on a study table while studying with no other book other than your textbook. Also, there shouldn't be any distractions around like a television, radio or a cell phone. Before you start studying, pick up a newspaper and circle all the alphabet e’s in a single paragraph as it helps improve concentration. Also, start with topics that you find relatively easy and then move to the difficult ones to help build confidence in yourself. Finally, take regular self-tests, which will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and will also help you identify your weaker areas where you need to put in an extra effort. Try these things and your performance will surely improve. 


I am 21 years old and my problem is that I am too sensitive. I feel offended at small things and end up crying. Consequently, I feel frustrated and lose my temper. What should I do?
Ruchi Dhawan 


Every individual has his/her own idiosyncratic way of responding to events and situations. Some individuals appear to be more calm 
  and collected, while others tend to be easily agitated by situations. However, the way we perceive, interpret and eventually respond to situations, most certainly does influence our moods and behaviour following the experience. Thus, if the way one reacts to situations and the way one is influenced by events is something that is bothersome, then one should certainly try and make efforts to alter it.I think you should take the help of some professional psychologist. In the meantime, however, it would also be essential to build your social support network and when you are faced with such situations, take a step back, think first about the situation and the consequences of your intuitive reaction and then make a conscious decision to react to it. 
Sunil Sharma

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