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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Career in Animation - 1

More than just pen and paper


Dinosaurs leaping on the screen, their teeth bared, and trumpet blasts on the soundtrack. In 1993, Steven Spielberg created magic by bringing the 'Jurassic Park' alive on the screen. The movie not only broke box-office records around the world, but also marked a significant time in the evolution of visual effects.

Welcome to the world of film animation - a world where reality meets imagination, where dinosaurs walk across silver s c re e n s, where a ' S t u a r t L i t t l e ' becomes the second son to a family of humans, and a 'Shrek' rules the ' p e r f e c t k i n g d o m ' . This is a world of s p e c i a l e f f e c t s, u n b e l i ev - able graphics and exotic technologies that mesh and converge to create unbelievable real and virtual experiences. It's a world that beckons c re at ive minds to u n l e a s h their power; and it's calling you!

If you have a passion for figures, an incorrigible itch to draw and a creative eye for detail, a career in animation could well be your ultimate destination.

T h o u g h Animation' sounds simple but a lot of work goes into its preparation. It is the art of conceiving an action by d r aw i n g i n a n i m at e objects or characters, which are made suitable for filming. Off late animation has become so high paying a profession that it will soon be m at ch i n g the pay packets of s o f t w a re professional s.

According to a recent survey by N a s s c o m , animation industry is expected to grow by 25 per cent annually. Increase in the use of special effects on screen and success of animated movies like 'Hanuman' has given birth to animation industry in India. Television channels are also applying animation techniques as a relief from the l a ck l u s t e r hum-drum viewing. There are ample career opportunities in the 3-D animation industry and a passion for the job can take aspirants to great heights.

Though one need not be an artist to be a successful animator, he/she should have basic appreciation of art and the requisite skills can be honed at the college. You can be absorbed at various levels depending on your skill sets, as graphics designer, visual artist, supervisor, digital film animator, senior animator, content writer, clean up artist, web designer or web author.

A career in animation offers you a good salary package. As a fresher, one can expect the starting amount to be anywhere between Rs. 8,000 and Rs. 15,000 as a junior artist. Within two years, he/she can become an assistant and earn between Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 45,000 and within seven years the remuneration could go up to Rs.1 lakh a month. What's more, there is no age limit for learning and one can be successful even at a late age.

Sunil Sharma
Dil Se Desi Group

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