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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Career in Animation -2

An Animated Career!

Animation is one of the most lucrative career options available for bright young creative minds. One of the premier institutions catering to the skill sets specialization based training for the Animation Industry is Frameboxx Animation and Visual Effects. Started in December 2007, the company has already setup 13 high class education facilities in India and on their way to increase these numbers up to 35. An International presence is also in the pipeline. Founded by a group of highly talented business and technical evangelists, the company offers academic programmes that vary in length from 12 months to 20 months. There is a very strong emphasis on skill sets s p e c i a l i z a t i o n , thereby helping mould a true Techno-Artiste.

The team has been instrumental in innovating and building some of the finest animation training services and companies in the past. With Frameboxx the objective is to take animation training one notch higher than the prevailing trends. The company has major initiatives up its sleeves which it will be announcing in a short while. So the wait is over if it is a career in animation that you are looking for.

Animate your career with Toonz

Toonz Academy one of South Asia's state-of- the- art training facilities in 2D and 3D animation. It is a fully owned subsidiary of Toonz Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Singapore, which also owns the flagship Indian animation studio, Toonz Animation India Pvt Ltd.

Toonz academy follows a varied approach on animation training should be. We don't allow our students to touch a workstation for the first few months of training. The aim is to instill the correct fundamental basics and only then teach them how technology can aid them.Thus we will produce animators who will meet the highest standards of the industry.

It has become increasingly difficult for all those animation enthusiasts out there to decide what constitutes good animation education.We asked Dino Corders, Dean of the Toonz Academy. "First of all you need good drawing skills; software cannot camouflage a bad artist. Preferably a programme that covers basics like life drawing, layout animation, and fundamentals would be a perfect launch pad. 3D animation is more complex, in addition to the basic skills; you need to have a perfect understanding of the anatomy of animals and physics in nature along with basic mechanical motion." Dino has over 17 years of experience in the industry and has been part of famous animation productions like Tom and Jerry, Spiderman, and X-Men.

Toonz Animation's client list includes some of the biggest names in the media and entertainment industry.

Arena's Animation

Arena Animation, a pioneer, trendsetter and global leader in animation and multimedia education has launched a series of seminars called "Perspectives- Animation in India: Future and Careers." The aim was to create awareness among students of the unlimited career opportunities in animation and to create a neutral platform for budding animators to interact with the industry professionals.

"Perspectives aims to bring together professionals from the animation community on a common platform to share their knowledge, thoughts, views and experiences of the animation Industry with the students, which would enable them to think beyond the obvious and get an insight into the tremendous career options within Animation, VFX and Gaming," says R. Krishnan, global head of Arena Animation.

As a part of this exposure Arena Animation brings celebrated speaker Chris Webster, head of Animation Provision at the University of the West of England, Bristol to Delhi on the 25th of February. His talk is titled "Movement without Meaning is Pointless."

Arena Animation has been offering world class training in industry relevant animation and multimedia techniques to students aspiring for global careers in this industry.With an extensive network of centres all over the globe, Arena Animation has trained over 2,00,000 students internationally since its inception in 1996. It trains students as well as professionals in the latest industry relevant courses backed by alliances with world leaders, a world class faculty and the latest technical educational tools.

Arena's students are placed everywhere.

Animated by Picasso

Starved of international quality animation professionals, Indian animation industry has found new hope with foreign collaborations in animation education finally taking place. The pioneer in international quality animation education in India is Picasso Animation College, which is set up in collaboration with Canada based Centennial College. Within a short span of time, Picasso Animation College has earned the reputation of being a premier animation education player with 133% on campus job offers.

The college has a unique training methodology developed by full time Canadian experts working with Picasso's corporate office. Companies such as Crest, DQ Entertainment, and Annirights visit Picasso campus regularly for recruitment. While creative focus and international standards are central to Picasso, students also get two to three more hours of contact hours than in of any other conventional animation training institute.

The academic team of Picasso consists of international and Indian professionals who have worked with studios such as ILM, I-MAX, Core Digital Pictures, Electronic Arts, Prana, and Moving Pictures, and creative artists who worked for animated movies like Casper, Flubber, Jumanji, 101 Dalmatians and game projects like Need for Speed- Underground. Picasso is the only animation college in India with Hollywood animation experts as trainers. Picasso Animation College offers UGC recognized, three year degree program in Animation and a Digital Animation course of nearly ten months. Admissions are open for the batches commencing in March and June with a limited capacity of 25 each.

The Maya of Creativity!

It is said there is no biz like showbiz. But even showbiz as we know is changing.Hollywood initiated the process with Walt’ Disney Films and the rest of the world followed suit. Today Tom & Jerry, Donald Duck, Superman, Batman, The Incredibles are part of the life of young and old alike, in some form or the other. The common chord that binds them is animation. On the home front films like Hum Tum, Krishna Cottage, Awara Pagal Deewana and Krish have done fair justice to this creative art form. Indeed use of computer graphics in films is surely turning out to be one of the most viable ways of using digital technology to draw the audience fed on a diet of special effects laden Hollywood films.

With so much happening on the animation front the industry is currently valued at $ 45 billion, ready to leapfrog to $ 75 billion in the not so distant future. Indeed, the world of 3D animation and visual effects is a large one with an ocean of possibilities.

It is not surprising, that quite a number of institutions have come up to empower young creative minds with the skill-set required to be an animation professional. Vikas Tewari, Sr.VP & Zonal Head (North & East) says, “Unlike other professions at Maya Academy we do not look for academic qualifications. The sole quality we require is the originality of thoughts and expression and an innate creative streak. We do not even expect the students to have a prior knowledge of software, since we start from scratch. But determination to stand out in the crowd is of crucial importance”. MAAC offers technical courses in 3D Animation, visual effects and postproduction techniques, supported by live projects, seminars and workshops, Vikas continues,“We take great pride in our intuitive philosophy of evolving strong conceptual knowledge which in turn enables us to focus more on a talent’s conceptual base.It is only then that we move auto the related practical sciences”.

Sunil Sharma
Dil Se Desi Group

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