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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tips for an in-house Training in a Company after doing B.Tech?

Tips for an in-house Training in a Company after doing B.Tech? 

I will be completing my BTech in computer science this year. What should I keep in mind while going for an in-house training in a company? 

    Ajay Handa 

The pattern of in-house training varies considerably from organisation to organisation. While some firms rely on onthe-job techniques that involve learning while performing the function under the guidance of fellow employees; others prefer to take in qualified and experienced personnel. 

    In most medium and large software firms, the typical pattern of training involves an organisational orientation followed by short intensive modules in specific areas. Fresh programmers are generally taught programming languages and procedures, over a few months. This is followed by the application of such skills to an internal project, usually integrated into a closely supervised programming team. 

    Your progress will be closely monitored through a process of regular and detailed appraisals, often linked to salary progression. The length of the training can extend from six months to two years depending on the functional area and your role.
    After the initial training, career development is fairly rapid in most IT companies and end-users. In fact, some organisations have developed accelerated promotion and career development schemes to ensure retention of their key people. 

    As for your last question, no I don’t think it will be gruelling. Rigorous certainly, but also a great learning experience (many say, the real learning starts here). Look at it as an opportunity to put all your theoretical knowledge to practical use.


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