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Saturday, July 16, 2011

World forum to highlight entrepreneur's role in society

 World forum to highlight entrepreneur's role in society

THE EMLYON Business School in France, which prides itself on educating entrepreneurs for the world, is hosting the first-ever World Entrepreneurship Forum (WEF) with KPMG. Elaborating on the goal of the forum, Tugrul Atamer, dean of faculty, EMLYON Business School, said: “The forum is the first international think-tank dedicated to entrepreneurs and their role in society. We want to promote a vision of the entrepreneur as a creator of economic wealth and social justice.”
   The forum will be held in Evian, France, under the patronage of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, from November 13-15. American B-School Babson College has joined the two founding partners in organising the forum, which will bring together entrepreneurs, educators and policy-makers from across the world to share ideas.
   “We have formed a scientific committee, comprising international experts, to identify issues that would be discussed through workshops during the forum. The objective is to create influence and put pressure on decision-makers, besides disseminating ideas and values, which would encourage educators. We are optimistic that the event will become an annual gathering for global entrepreneurs, being an independent forum for research, meetings and debate,” said Atamer.
   In these uncertain economic times, the role of an entrepreneur will assume even greater significance. “Entrepreneurs work in three business environments across the world — co-ordinated market economy, free market economy and network-based economy. But, they all need to possess some core skills such as tolerance to uncertainty, optimism, clarity in vision, creativity, motivation; they should be able to identify opportunities even when things are bleak,” added Atamer.
   A Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum was held in Shanghai in July 2008, in which 60 students from across the world came together to express their vision on entrepreneurship of the future. Their report will provide inputs for debate at the WEF. The three key questions that would be addressed are: How can we better train entrepreneurs of the future? How can we create a more favourable environment? How can we better understand and assess the action of entrepreneurs?
   The recommendations from the forum will be included in a white paper, like a guide to reform and will also be disseminated through blogs, conferences, publications, and so on. During the forum, an ‘Entrepreneur for the World’ prize will also be awarded to recognise both the entrepreneurial attitude and social commitment of a distinguished personality from the global stage. The event’s founders, EMLYON Business School and KPMG, are keen to continue to promote entrepreneurs as key players in tomorrow’s world beyond the scope of the forum.


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