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Sunday, July 24, 2011

How To Study Well?..Tips

How To Study Well?..Tips

This question is arriving every time in our mind when we studying. We think that how can i improve our performance , how can I study well? The answer of your questions is here :

  • Make a time table for daily routine.
  • Get up early in the morning and go for a morning walk and read the newspaper.
  • Must be attentive in the class.
  • Listen the teachers carefully.
  • Make a note of all points discussed in your notebook.
  • Put as many questions to the teacher again and again if you could not follow the method or could not clear the concept.
  • Note down the points discussed by the teacher in the note book if you could clear the concept. use pen of many colors.
  • Make a practice at home and revise all the problems in detail and make short note for study.
  • Even if there are still some points you could not follow, must put questions to the teacher the next day.
  • Provide time to each subject daily.
  • Give extra time to the subject in which you are weak.
  • You may request to the teacher to give extra time for you. He will surely help because you are truthful and honest.
  • Discuss your weak subjects with friends who are good in that subject.
  • Enjoy study in the class and do not nervous. "Rich men have no faults".
  • Must help your family members as and when you find the leisure time. This will give you satisfaction. This will also enhance your confidence because human is a social animal.
  • One who has worked hard rounds the year keeping all the suggestions given above in mind is very well on the right track.
  • Hopefully, at this stage you will find yourself more confident about the problems discussed in the class. As such you will find yourself at the stage to face any challenge boldly posed by the so called examination.
  • Read books describe your syllabus like - Made in China, Think Big, One Minute Manager, You Can Win etc.
  • Be remember "books are for nothing but to inspire"

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