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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Diploma in Chinese Language

Diploma in Chinese Language

Indira Gandhi National Open University (Ignou) has launched a diploma programme in Chinese language and culture.

Indira Gandhi National Open University’s (Ignou) School of Foreign Languages (SOFL) has launched a Diploma in Chinese Language and Culture (DCLC). In the coming session, the programme will be conducted face-to-face for students who want to add to their skills and enhance professional prospects.

“We have introduced this programme for students who are interested in knowing more about China. The country is our biggest trade partner. To get rid of misconceptions and to be able to understand their language, culture and business, we are introducing this course and hope to impart a holistic understanding of China,” says G Chaudhari, director, SOFL, Ignou.

The one-year programme will be taught in an online virtual classroom as well, in a modular format. Also it will introduce students to China’s political system, economy, foreign policy, HR and general knowledge of the country. Talking about faculty members, Chaudhari says, “Four faculty members including one Chinese faculty member will be conducting the classes. As and when required, we will invite guest lecturers too.” Around 25 seats are available for the course, which will be taught in three languages: Mandarin Chinese, English and Hindi. After students complete their diploma, they will be provided with training, which could range from months to a year, based on their area of interest and the subject they want to specialise in. “Towards the end of the course, students will be sent to China for training based on their performance. We have signed an MoU with three universities in China and will be sending our students. If students want to visit China to get a feel of the place, Ignou will arrange for the trip, though a part of the cost has to be borne by the students as well,” says Chaudhari.

In terms of job opportunities, Chaudhari is of the opinion that students can get into a range of areas depending on their background. “Anyone who is fluent in the language, has the scope to be employed in the hospitality sector, tourism or in science, both, in India and in China,” assures Chaudhari.

Students applying for this programme should have a certificate of learning Chinese. Admission is based on a first-come first-serve basis with a maximum of 25 seats for the face-to-face mode.


25 seats are available for the course, which will be taught in three languages: Mandarin Chinese, English and Hindi Towards the end of the course, students, based on their performance, will be sent to China for training

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