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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Career in Digital Content


Digital content revolution has created the demand for a new breed of professionals

   A career in digital content could be exciting as it allows professionals to combine knowledge with pedagogy and technology. It also gives ample scope to multimedia experts to unleash their creativity by creating engaging visuals to bring abstract concepts to life. The digital content revolution has accelerated the demand for academicians, editors, instructional designers, graphic animators, illustrators and technology experts.
   Some of the industries where these skills are used include education, television and film industry, advertising and media, publishing, web and IT industry.


The last few years have seen digital content bringing about phenomenal changes in the field of education and entertainment. There is a huge transformation in the way educators today are using digital content in the classroom. Today, digital content on mobile phones and other multimedia content can be linked with social networks. Besides, satellite-based education is revolutionising classrooms worldwide by facilitating live delivery of lectures.
   Further, digital content is being beamed through DTH services; this is providing learners access to quality entertainment right in their homes. In terms of media, the trend has shifted from 2D to 3D, whether it is in the real-life video or in the animation industry. Recently, stereoscopic 3D has made an entry into movies and in education and is likely to feature in televisions and mobiles too.


Growth areas in digital content are
   branching out in animation and filmmaking. Animations can be 3D or 2D animations. In addition, the area needs subject matter experts, instructional designers (ID), graphic visualisers and software professionals.


Freshers entering this area must have good writing, editing, and IT skills. They must be creative and have knowledge of 2-D/3-D animation, video editing, sketching, programming and project management.


Freshers are paid anything from 10,000-20,000 per-month depending on their qualifications. Growth in this field is similar to the IT industry, with 15-20% growth in salary. Of course, highly talented individuals command a higher salary as in any other industry, and experienced creative managers and media experts get a six-figure monthly salary.

Sunil Sharma

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