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Sunday, June 26, 2011




Effective business teachers move with ease between the world of cutting-edge academic research and that of pragmatic managerial issues. They are catalysts, opening students’ minds and expanding their decisionmaking skills. They don’t simply lecture; they spark conversations using cases and simulations, engaging students in critical reasoning and integrative thinking of business domain knowledge. Great teachers know when to leave these conversations unfinished, forcing students to find answers through introspection and self-discovery, which are powerful paths to learning.
RL RAINA Dean, Planning & Development Indian Institute of Management-Lucknow   
A good teacher of management and business education is one who knows what good content is and has conceptual knowledge of the subject. A good teacher must have a solid foundation of the concepts of the course, blended with rich theoretical and industrial insights. With that, good communication skills and competency over the subject is a must. It must also be remembered that knowledge of business and management is all application-based. And it is a mix of theory and application that’s a ‘must know’ for teachers of business.
SUNIL SHARMA Professor, Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi University   
Any business in products and services deals with a variety of functions in design and production, marketing, the human resources, finance and many others. Hence, a good teacher of business would aim to interlink and integrate a functional area with the other areas. Any good teacher would also focus on using certain processes used in a function to deal with concerns like corporate social responsibility, accounting standards or even environment management and reach on suitable modes to discharge such obligations by using socially acceptable and required methods in an integrated manner. S/he should be a good facilitator of discussion in the group and preferably have a sense of humour too. Simplicity in putting forward concepts could well be an art for teachers of business like those at global institutions, be it Kellogg or Harvard or our own IIMs or FMS.
PRADEEP KUMAR SUBUDHI B-Tech-NIT Hamirpur (HP) PGDM, XIMB (Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar) Class of 2012   
A good B-school teacher should have a rich professional experience in the field in which s/he teaches and be involved in intensive academic research. A B-school faculty should preferably be an MBA from a premier B-school and have a passion for teaching and academic research. Business education is not complete without ethics. A good B-school teacher should be able to communicate to his/her students the thin line between corporate profits and ethics. Also, s/he should have soft skills like good communication skills, be technology-savvy and be friends with students. Finally, one should remember that it’s not about ‘what’ you teach, but ‘how’ you teach.

Sunil Sharma

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