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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Career in Jewellary Designing - Intricate designs

JOB PROFILE A general day in the life of a jewellery designer revolves around designing sketches for the various pieces ranging from a 3-tier necklace to a toe ring. “A jewellery designer interacts with the clients in order to produce aesthetic designs. Modern sketching techniques, computer simulations and prototype models are used to sketch designs. Keeping a keen eye on detailing of each piece is also crucial to give that delicate and unique look to the final product,” explains Meera Shah who was trained under Farah Ali Khan for five years and is now an entrepreneur. One of the key attributes of a top rate jewellery designer is to have the ability to comprehend the desire of his or her client. “Once a designer aces the art of understanding what his or her client wants, half the job is done,” suggests, Sunita Mishra, former professor at JDTI, Noida and a certified gemologist. Today, companies are on a look out for jewellery designers who use design as a process to create a desirable product which attracts instant attention. 
LEARN THE ART To learn jewellery making in the earlier days was very difficult. Aspiring students needed to work as apprentices with the traditional goldsmith. Today, things have changed drastically. There is a plethora of options to choose from institutes that offer courses to learn gemology and jewellery designing courses. 
    “Professional courses help students to get complete know-how on gemstones and precious metals. Drawing and rendering metals and gems with different shades and shadows along with design development and different styles
 of stone settings and techniques of manufacturing jewellery are the basic skills which are taught in the professional courses,” shares, Priyanka Shah, director, Deccan Institute of Gem and Jewellery, Hyderabad. 
    Along with an undying passion for stones and carving unique pieces out of them, a successful designer is one who can not only give new concepts but also designs keeping in mind the client’s indi
vidual personality, their face cut and complexion. A constant desire to re-invent and learn the latest technologies is an asset and mark of a top rate jewellery designer. 
INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVE Industry experts believe that the jewellery designing scenario has undergone a sea-change from the days when it was done only by certain families with specialised experience. Today, the whole industry has become much more systematic with the advent of global jewellery brands who are now looking for skilled professionals. 
    Remuneration in this field may vary depending on the professional qualifications, talents and skills. The market for modern ornaments is increasing steadily.
    So the remuneration for trendy design makers also will be more. A beginner in this field can earn a minimum of Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 in a month depending on the institute that he has passed from and the spark that he shows at his work.
    Jewellery designing is a creative art blended with artisans capabilities. A jewellery designer merges his talent along with his deep understanding of the market trends and makes the experience of jewellery shopping an unforgettable one.

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