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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Counsellor - 35


Sporting law

I am doing BA LLB from Delhi. I am not interested in litigation or civil or criminal law. I am an extrovert with varied interests - actually passionate about sports (hockey), which I've had to give up because it clashes with my studies. Can you suggest some new or lesser-known field of law that I could look at? I am very confused.
Kehar Singh

Do you know how very lucky you are Jansher?
Just fasten your seatbelt while I tell you about this exciting new area of law that will combine your professional specialisation and your interests.
Sports law is set to be the next cash cow for law majors in India. With sports gaining popularity and prominence, law firms are looking at expanding their portfolio in this segment, which they feel is recessionproof.
Law firms are now preparing all celebrity endorsement deals. Earlier, it was restricted to the two parties involved - the celebrity endorsing the brand and the corporate entity. However, now law firms are increasingly being approached to facilitate such deals as part of their advisory services.
Sports law in India is likely to emerge as a big area of practice in the next five years. And with the sector getting corporatised, there will be
an increased demand for lawyers specialising in this field in the years to come. Their role will be to ensure that the contractual obligations of the athlete are tailored to suit them.
Skill upgrade

I have been working for the last three years in a small private factory after doing my ITI certificate course. I am very keen to upgrade my skills but due to financial constraints, can't leave my job to do a regular diploma in engineering in a polytechnic. Please help me.
Abhilash Chaudhary

Here's an option that will fit you just fine. Indira Gandhi National Open University (Ignou) is launching a diploma in mechanical engineering (DME) in January 2009.
Eligibility for admission to this programme is matriculation (55%) or matriculation with an ITI certificate/certificate in motorcycle service & repair from Ignou. Candidates should be employed in Central or state-level, public or private manufacturing industries or in other related organisations employing similar manpower. Otherwise they should be self-employed in an equivalent capacity.
The prospectus and application forms are available on payment of Rs 100 by hand and Rs 150 by post.
Forms can be obtained from the Programme Coordinator (DME), Room No 104, Block -C New Academic blocks, IGNOU Campus, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi 68.
But hurry, the application deadline is October 30, 2008.
Research best

Our daughter who has been a merit-holder throughout, went to Canada to pursue her higher studies in biology. She is now doing research in McGill University while teaching there. We want her to come back now. However, she is refusing to do so because she says there are lesser opportunities for research in India. And even those that exist, don't pay well. Could you please suggest something she can do here that could be equally satisfying?

Why not. Better late than never, India has decided to kick-start a talent hunt to strengthen its research base in high-end biomedical research field in the country's laboratories. Under a joint initiative between the department of biotechnology and UK’s Wellcome Trust, the government is offering lucrative packages to attract the best Indian-origin talent across the globe to augment its R&D base.
Under this programme, the early career fellow would get up to Rs 7.16 lakh per annum, intermediate fellows up to Rs 9.65 lakh and senior fellows up to Rs 12.83 lakh per-annum. Besides the salary package, they will also be offered high-end medical facilities for themselves and their families. Only those who have a proven global record in biomedical research can apply as senior fellows. And given your daughter’s passion and capability, I don’t see why she wouldn’t fit the bill.
In all, 70 fellowships will be awarded every year under the programme in different areas of bioresearch for the next 10 years, to begin with. Research professionals would be attached to different institutions to prove leadership in biomedical research, which is an area of tremendous global significance today.
Some Indian biotech firms are also doing exciting cutting-edge research. Perhaps your daughter could explore the option of working with them in her area of interest/specialisation.
Language command

What is group discussion? My English is not very good. Is good command over English compulsory? How should I prepare myself for this and the interview?
Susheel Sharma

As the name suggests, a group discussion (GD) is a discussion on a given topic by a group of participants.
It's very essential to have a good command over the English language both for clearing the written exam as well as the GD and Interview for admission to management courses - particularly the good ones.
Unless you have a decent command of the language, you won’t be able to put your views across - particularly at such short notice. You will get barely 10 minutes to prepare for the topic for discussion. And you don’t know what direction the discussion will take. You don’t need to know literary English but at least enough to put your views across clearly and cogently.
English being the lingua franca of the corporate sector, you must possess excellent written as well as oral communication skills to succeed.
But, nothing is impossible. If you work on building your vocabulary and improving your language skills in dead earnest right away, you’ll be amazed how quickly you pick up the essentials.
Join a coaching class which can give you practice in participating in mock GDs and interviews to gain practice and overcome your hesitation of speaking in public. Alternatively, form a group of your own and discuss a variety of topics within a stipulated time frame, so that when the actual time comes, you are not taken by surprise. Keep yourself updated about current events, economy etc. For the Interview brush up on the subjects that you have learnt during your graduation or if you are working, read more about the latest happenings in your field.
English is not our mother tongue, so it’s quite natural if it doesn’t come to us easily. But, if you make it a regular habit to attentively read books and papers, watch and listen to radio and TV programmes, and avail of every opportunity to converse in English, there's no way you won't succeed. It's only a language after all.
All said and done, GDs and interviews are just tools to test your personality. Be clear about your goals, be frank and be yourself. The rest will take care of itself.

Sunil Sharma


Dil Se Desi Group


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