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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Scope in Footwear Industry

Put your best foot forward


The footwear industry in India is fast beckoning professionals from a variety of domains like designing, manufacturing and marketing with the entry of multinational players.

   The footwear industry is a significant segment of the Indian leather industry. The outlook towards the footwear and leather industry in India is quite positive. As per RNCOS, a market research firm, the Indian footwear retail market is anticipated to surge at a CAGR of more than 20% during 2008-2011. As per the report, rising brand and fashion awareness among people along with the improving living standards is expected to accelerate growth in the Indian footwear industry. 
   That is why a number of multinational companies are looking at India, in fact some of them have already entered India in different ways. The availability of abundant raw materials, a large domestic market and the opportunity to cater to world markets makes India an attractive destination for technology and investments. 


The footwear industry provides lot of opportunities for different professionals, be it in footwear manufacturing, trading, retail, wholesale, import or export industry, both in India as well as abroad. There is a huge demand for professionals like management trainees, designers, stylists, product developers, quality controllers, footwear technologists, merchandisers, marketing executives, production supervisors and business development executives. 


It is important to understand the crucial relationship between design and manufacture and the needs of the modern footwear industry. One has to know and understand every aspect of the industry. Those who are interested in pursuing a career in design or in product development, it is always better to fine-tune their skill-sets or opt for a professional course in shoe designing, footwear technologies or merchandising. 
   It is equally important to develop design research and drawing and illustration skills. An ability to present and communicate ideas and concepts is considered an asset. The technical shoemaking skills are also important to give an understanding of the manufacturing techniques involved in modern shoemaking. 


Fresher’s from the Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), Noida, usually start with a salary bracket of Rs 12,000 to Rs 16,000. A person having an experience of five to six years can draw between Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000 with established or progressive set-ups. In fact, there is no limit for achievers. 
   While evaluating different job options, it is very important to choose the company one intends to join and the job profile very carefully. It is also important to realise the fact that one can only excel in this field if he is ready to learn and explore newer arenas in the field. 
   The Indian footwear industry has been getting institutional infrastructure support through premier institutions like Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai; FDDI, Noida; National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, among others, in the areas of technological development, design and product development and human resource development. Apart from these institutes, Birla Institute of Management Technology offers a specialised course in retailing to cater to the ever-growing demand from different corporates.


   Sunil Sharma


Dil Se Desi Group


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