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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hospitality Management program in Scotland

Scottish colleges launch Indian initiative


SCOTLAND'S Colleges International (SCI) has announced its first Indian initiative with the launch of its Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management (HND) programme. 
   Christina Potter, principal, Dundee College; Rob Chell, international director, Perth College; and Ian Patrick, project head, Perth College were in India recently to launch the HND programme. 
   SCI, a consortium of colleges across Scotland, is a nodal body providing access to member colleges in order to maximise provisions of high quality services delivered internationally. The consortium, a Scotland government-approved group of further and higher education institutions, has over 50 colleges as its partners. 
   On India as its new destination, Chell said that despite the potential of the hospitality industry and India's educated workforce, there was still "a skill gap that needs to be narrowed." He said: "Through this programme, as well as future ventures, we hope to produce students with internationally recognised certification who are employable anywhere in the world." SCI has tied up with Avalon Academy to offer the programme. 
   The HND programme is an 18-month post class XII diploma programme, wherein students would complete the theory part in India and then travel to Scotland and complete the practical part in association with Adam Smith College, Telford College or Dundee College. Apart from the class XII passing certificate, the candidates will also have to undergo a written test and personal interview. 
   Preeti Malik, head, Avlon, added: "Through this initiative, not only would Indian students get an international qualification, they would obtain the two-year work permit in Scotland and gain international work experience as well." Only four colleges of SCI are involved in this year's pilot run, admissions for which are currently underway. Perth College will not accept applicants this year, while the remaining three would enrol 15 students each. However, from 2009, the programme would be offered to 500 students. 
   Speaking about SCI's long-term vision, Chell said: "In keeping with Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown's vision, we are looking at long-term sustainable relationships with international partners." Further, on the 'issue' of offering international programmes in India, Malik said: "Since we are not offering any degree or postgraduate diploma, we are not violating any of the All India Council for Technical Education's (AICTE) norms."


   Sunil Sharma


Dil Se Desi Group


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