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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Focus on Practical Education

DU increases focus on practical education


IN order to make science subjects more practical and enquiry-based, Delhi University (DU) has increased the number of practicals in the restructured BSc (programme) syllabus. The university is now gearing up to make all the necessary arrangements for the practical-based learning in the syllabus. If on one level the colleges are busy arranging for the equipment required to do new practicals, at the other level, the university has been arranging practical workshops for science teachers to get hands-on experience of the equipment. Keeping in line with this aim, DU's Institute of Lifelong Learning (ILLL) recently organised a twoday workshop for science teachers on biology laboratory course at Daulat Ram College. 
   "The science syllabus has been revised keeping in mind the pace of science education today. The training workshop will help to develop an infrastructure in education, vis-a-vis teachers," said Usha Rao, head, department of botany, DU. 
   Deepak Pental, vice chancellor, DU, while analysing the need for the workshop, said: "Delhi University is a unique university and most teachers at the college level have done their PhDs. We have such an accomplished staff but at the college level we do not provide them with enough facilities which somehow has toned down their talent." He said that it was important to work towards science education if the country wanted to progress and it was important to have more practical-based education. "Science education will only be successful if we are imparting better practical education," he further added. 
   Around 54 teachers from colleges offering the BSc syllabus participated in the workshop. "The new practicals introduced in the restructured BSc course need to be learnt. Also many colleges are getting new equipment. This workshop will familiarise teachers with new equipment who in turn will impart training to students. We have also introduced a manual on the 11 new practicals," informed A K Bakshi, director, ILLL 
   "We have already organised a workshop on physics at Keshav Mahavidyalaya. The workshop is for the first-year curriculum. We will soon be organising the same workshop for second year at the Acharya Narendra Dev College and the third year practical workshop will be organised at Miranda House. The workshop for practicals in chemistry will also be held soon," he added. 
   "We have got a tremendous response from participants and they want more such workshops. Since Daulat Ram College has got most of the necessary instruments required to perform new practicals we were keen to have a workshop in our college," said Kanan Nanda, principal, Daulat Ram College. "It is important to organise such workshops which will help in enhancing knowledge about new technology and principles which was missing earlier," said Ravi Toteja, a participant and faculty from Acharya Narendra Dev College. 
   In so far as the colleges that have not got new equipment, Pental informed, "We are getting the money and new equipment for more colleges is coming."



   Sunil Sharma


Dil Se Desi Group


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