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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fast Food Buissiness

Fast food calls for fast business

  Post-globalisation in India, the organised food service industry has finally made its mark. The total out-of-home consumption is estimated at Rs 40,000 crore, while the organised food retail services market is estimated at Rs 3,000 crore. 

   A booming economy, coupled with a growing affluent middle class, has significantly increased the purchasing power of people. The lifestyle habits have shifted from austerity to self-indulgence. These are some of the several changes in the demographic structure of the country that are changing several trends, food being only one of them. 

   Organised retail, besides benefiting the consumers by way of competitive product pricing and quality service, is introducing the Indian consumer to a shopping experience and service levels like never before. The industry is also providing a lot of employment opportunity in several areas. 


At the entry level, a fresh employee with a class XII qualification starts as a team member (TM). TMs, most often, start as safe delivery persons (SDPs) or customer service representatives (CSRs). Promotions for team members are rapid. With a combination of good performance and upon adding more skills, a team member can get up to two to three promotions in the first two years’ time. There are nine levels in the operations structure — five at the TM level and four at the store management level vis-a-vis associate store manager, assistant manager, senior assistant manager and finally the store manager. The store manager moves on to take up the responsibility of four-five stores as a district manager. He reports to an area manager/zonal manager responsible for over 10 to 20 stores. Finally, we have the regional manager looking after the operations of the entire region. 

   As regards the eligibility, TMs need to have successfully completed class XII, while for managers, a hotel management degree/diploma/BBA/graduation along with around four years of experience in the same industry are required. Freshers are considered for associate manager posts. Fast food chains have a lot of opportunities for part-timers and people who want to work only on weekend shifts. 


As regards remuneration, it varies depending on the individual and there are no hard and fast rules. It depends on one’s capability as to how one can climb the corporate ladder. 

   For most progressive organisations the attitude to learn, challenge and grow is the most refreshing quality. While skills and capabilities come with experience, it’s the inherent attitude in an individual that sets apart the leaders from the followers. What is indispensable is also passion, hard work, integrity and a genuine feel for consumers. These qualities cannot be taught and have to come from within an individual.




  Sunil Sharma


Dil Se Desi Group


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