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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Career in Acting for Films and TV

Acting for films and TV at AAFT

MOST people believe that acting is all about exhibiting a natural, instinctive skill that you are born with and hold inside you whereas in reality, acting is actually a trait that can be stimulated and learnt with proper training. Do you have the determination and desire to give shape to your acting dreams? Or are you simply looking for a short cut, which will most likely lead to uncertainty and disappointment? If you are willing to stay focused and work hard, you can with proper training make it as an actor in showbiz.

   At the Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT), there are lots of different modules that are covered in the various acting courses. The main tool besides the body of an actor is their voice. Therefore, voices need to be trained so that they are heard, understood and even felt. Students will focus on breath work, singing, relaxation and posture as a way of nurturing their voice.

   An actor's body is their only real tool; therefore it must be developed to perform and thus, movement and understanding different techniques is therefore a key skill for any actor to have in their 'tool-kit.' The ability to improvise can never be underestimated when it comes to acting. Through exercises, students will typically learn to let their imaginations work and how to work well with others without having to plan in advance.

  At AAFT, you will also learn the ability to market yourself in order to obtain work. So a typical class would focus on developing an actor's ability to perform, focus on their presentation and provide live auditioning experience. Students will also be expected to explore the differences between shooting a film, which is typically one camera, and shooting in television, which typically have three camera shoots as opposed to one.

   Students will also participate in various short films during their course. Thus, AAFT is truly the place to go if you want to unleash your true acting potential.

   There are two acting courses running at AAFT — three month acting and presentation and one-year diploma in acting for film and TV. The eligibility is 10+2 and the next batch commences on October 3, every year.

  Sunil Sharma

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