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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Career in Modelling




There’s no biz like show biz

   Walk into any gym, and you are bound to spot innumerable men pumping iron and numerous girls doing pilates, all with the same dream - to become models. This industry has always been considered the epitome of glamour and limelight, and hence aspirants from all parts of India wish to pursue a career in modelling. Modelling has seen a recent surge in the influx of new talent due to a strong growth in the advertising and product markets in India. 


Nowadays, advertisers need a model for every product, from cars to chairs to pens and therefore, the demand for models has greatly increased. As against the usual stereotype, the demand is not just for thin or muscular models, but also for models from all age groups and with different body structures. We often need grandparents or children for products related to their age groups, and overweight people for weightcentric campaigns. Further, as Indian men are becoming vanity conscious, the demand for male models is steadily increasing and the ratio of men to women models is improving. Even the increased number of fashion weeks has proved to be a blessing in disguise for these camera friendly souls. This has not only increased the demand for veteran models, but has also given an opportunity to fresh new faces. Alongside the fashion weeks, Indian models are also making their presence felt in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Designers from these countries frequently invite then for fashion shows. 


One of the main attractions to join this field is glamour, as it always has been. The glamour bug bites models and it’s hard to get away. Besides, for people from small towns, who would have otherwise never been able to come into the limelight, modelling proves to be a promising start. And of course, the job is well-paying as well. A starting model can hope to earn anywhere between Rs 8,000-15,000 for a fashion show or a photo shoot. This increases as your experience and name increases in the industry. Top models, after signing contracts, even make many lakhs for fashion shows. 


Being a model is more than just a good face or a good physique. Height, weight and looks are important but the right attitude, hard work, determination and charisma are also required to be a successful model. This industry is highly competitive and many people lose out because of their PR skills. People feel models only have to walk and smile, but it takes a lot more than that. 


All is not hunky-dory in this industry, and most people learn that a bit late. Nowadays, due to increased competition, many models are advised to have a secondary profession, eg many also work in the aviation or hospitality industry. Another cause of concern for a model is that his/her life, professionally, is short-lived. There are few models that eventually become veterans, and most get lost in the crowd, among the new fresh faces, within a few years of entering the industry.




Sunil Sharma


Dil Se Desi Group


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