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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Institute of Home Economics

inA home for interesting courses


WANT to become a radio jockey or event manager after graduation? Then join a BSc course at Delhi University's Institute of Home Economics (IHE). Strange it may sound, but the institute is offering many short-term courses that students can take during graduation to enter into the fields of event management, radio jockeying, computer-aided designs, and so on. "The idea behind introducing these courses is to equip students with employable skills. A BSc course imparts theoretical knowledge. Many students now opt for part-time courses in different institutes to have a career option after graduation. Hence, we thought of introducing these short-term courses," informs Kumud Khanna, director, IHE. 
Students pursuing regular degree courses can join these short-term certificate courses. The courses are: 

• Certificate course in nutrition for health, sports and fitness conducted by the department of food & nutrition in collaboration with the department of physical education 

• Certificate course in early childhood care and education by the department of human development 

• Certificate course in event management by the department of resource management 

• Certificate course in radio jockeying by the department of communication and extension 

• Short-term course on computer-aided designing by the department of fabric and apparel science 
   IHE faculty with some additional help has developed the content of the courses. The classes take place after regular classes are over. "The courses run for six months and a student in any year can apply," informs Khanna. "The institute also provides internal placements after students complete the course. Our students have gone for internship with various companies during their vacations," she adds. 
   Apart from these short-term courses, IHE has started offering Biochemistry (Hons). "The demand for this course is very high and there are few colleges that offer biochemistry.Since we got the permission to start this three-year integrated degree course only after the admissions had started many students were not aware of this new course," says Khanna. 
   Other courses offered by the institute are: BSc (General) Home Science, BSc (Hons.) Home Science, BSc (Hons) 
Microbiology and Bachelor of Elementary Education.


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