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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Counsellor - 19

Computer Engineering 

I have cleared an engineering examination. My counselling is on 27 June. I want to know what computer engineering really entails. 
   Ramesh Kapoor

Computer science is the study of problem-solving using computers. Digital computers and the programmes they run are among the most complicated products of modern engineering. This practical discipline has its foundations in basic, curiosity-driven science. 
   What is a computer programme? How can we create programmes whilst being sure of avoiding bugs? What is the fastest way of solving certain kinds of problems? Are there problems that can be stated simply but have no simple solutions? Are there problems that can't be solved by computers at all? 
   The theories that emerge in answering these questions have immense practical value in the design of computers and programmes in a vast range of applications: in science, engineering, robotics, communications, industrial management, business and commerce. 
   Bridging theory and practice, including a wide variety of hardware and software technologies and their applications, the course is designed to equip students with the fundamental understanding and practical skills needed by the potential leaders of a demanding profession. Above all, it's training in logical thought and expression, which can lead to employment in many different fields. 
   A sound understanding of mathematical ideas is needed throughout the degree, both for potential applications such as scientific computation, and for reasoning rigorously about the specification and nature of programmes. Make sure you also develop practical skills. The majority of subjects within the course are linked with practical work. 

Sporting career 

I am a very good player of football but I do not know how to make this my career. Please suggest names of some institutions for training in this field. 

Perhaps the only one of its kind in Asia, the prestigious Tata Football Academy, Jamshedpur provides a fully free residential training programme for scientifically nurturing budding footballers. Couched amidst 25,000 sq ft of lush green in the heart of Jamshedpur, TFA is equipped with its own playing field, multi gym, swimming pool, kitchen, dinning room, conference hall, medical unit and recreational room to provide an ideal ambience for promising footballers to develop their potential to the fullest.TFA Coaches scout for talent (on the basis of strength, stamina, speed and skill) at various tournaments all over the country. About 100-120 boys are invited for trials and approximately 35 cadets are shortlisted. The last trial was held in February-March 2008. 
   If you are between 14 - 16 years of age, have a good physique (height: minimum 5' 6" and weight: minimum 50 kg) and have participated in your State U-16 championship (although it is not compulsory) then you can apply to: 
   TFA, Inner Circle, Road, Bistupur, Jamshedpur 831001 (Jharkhand). For further information, you could log on to: 
   Also check with your State’s Sports Directorate for selection trials for football coaching in your state. 
   Another very useful source of information is the website, which will give you a comprehensive list of the various football academies situated all over the country. 

Course Relevance 

I passed my class XII examination this year. I want to do ITI. I want to know is it equivalent to engineering or not? 
   Naresh Chandra

No, the ITIs only offer certificate-level courses in a number of technical disciplines. After these you can proceed for a diploma in engineering and thereafter, you can get lateral entry into the second year of a regular BE/BTech programme. You can also enrol for the associate membership of professional bodies such as the Institution of Engineers or the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers. Upon clearing all the exams, you will be considered equivalent to a BE/BTEch. 
   Since you have already completed class XII, you can directly opt for a diploma in engineering (3-year) in the field of your choice (eg mechanical, civil, electronics, electrical, IT etc). 

Looking ahead 

I have completed class XII. I am very fond of martial arts and would like to join the police force. Can I opt for being a constable in the Delhi police? 
   Usha Singh

You can become a constable. In fact over 1,000 women constables would be recruited in Delhi Police over the next three months. A total of 1,067 women constables will be recruited bringing the total strength of the capital's women police personnel to around 4,600. Delhi Police has a total strength of around 65,000 presently. 
   The recruitment process has begun and women in the age group of 18-25 years can apply for the post of constables. Among the new recruits, 535 will be from the general category 239 from OBC, 196 from scheduled castes and 97 from scheduled tribes. The website is



 The application deadline is June 30, 2008. According to a recent study done by the National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development, people of Delhi feel that women should be given a more proactive role in policing. Women can act as a force against corruption and a deterrent against the use of foul language by male colleagues. A whopping 76% of the people surveyed as part of the study 'People's Perception of Women Police' believe that women personnel can implement laws more sincerely and effectively than their male counterparts. 

Legal issues 

I have just given my law entrance, but I'm not sure about its prospects. Is law a viable career option, especially corporate law? 
   Kishan Bhanot

The unprecedented economic growth has obviously expanded the need for specialised services, and commercial law firms in India are riding the wave. One obvious consequence is that new law firms are being set-up each year and these firms are hiring more people and paying higher salaries than ever before. The competition amongst firms to recruit the best law graduates has further increased since international law firms started making direct offers to undergraduate students at the top law-schools. This is a boon for fresh graduates who are getting opportunities that earlier came only after several years of experience. In fact, most graduates are now joining commercial law firms or companies as legal advisors. Delhi University's law faculty has also witnessed a long queue of law firms grabbing fresh passouts with very attractive packages. 
   A career in corporate law guarantees a healthy pay right from day one as opposed to court-practice where one needs to work under experienced advocates for several years at subsistence wage levels before gaining financial independence and prominence. However, we must not overlook the fact that most students begin their careers in corporate law to recover the costs of their education and to ensure financial security for their families.

Racing career 

I have completed MSc (Math). I am 24 and want to make career in bike racing. Is there any institution for this? 
   Rajender Katoch

With superbikes catching on in India, biking clubs are not far behind. For instance, the racing school for beginners at the MMST Track , supported by TVS Motor Company Ltd and organised by the Madras Motor Sports Club trains fresh enthusiasts who wish to join bike racing. They conduct theory sessions to acquaint the riders on basic track rules and practical sessions on bikes. Certificates are issued by MMSC on successful completion of training. The charges are approximately Rs 1000, for cost of fuel and food, use of Track (half day, and for the instructor. Accommodation is also provided for outstation applicants. 
   The application form can be downloaded from the website of Madras Motor Sports Club ( Besides TVS, Yamaha also has two biking clubs, The Frenzy Riders (Yamaha RI) in Bangalore and the more recent, Yamaha Gladiator Club. The Royal Enfield Company runs the Bullet Club, across Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chandigarh and Kolkata. The club boasts of a membership of over 2,500 avid bikers.




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