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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Counsellor - 15

Legal issue 

I am pursuing CA. As per the new rules I cannot enrol in any other regular course. So please suggest some good law colleges which offer LLB through correspondence. 
   Harish Gaur


No university offers a full-fledged three-year LLB through correspondence. However, the following law courses can be done through correspondence: 


   Annamalai University, Directorate of Distance Education, Annamalinagar 608002 offers course in bachelor of academic laws (three years) and a two-year Bachelor of general laws (two year) 


   Guru Nanak Dev University, Centre or Distance Education, Amritsar (Punjab) offers two-year LLB (Acad).You need to have a Bachelor's degree with 50% marks to enrol in the course 


   Guru Jhambeshwar University, Hisar (Haryana) 


   University of Jammu, Directorate of Distance Education, New Campus, Jammu 180006 offers three-year LLB (Acad) 


   Kakatiya University, School of Distance Learning and Continuing Education, Warangal 506009 offers a Bachelor of general laws (two years). 


   Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra 


   University of Kashmir, Department of Distance Education, Hazratbal Srinagar 190006, offers two-year LLB (Acad).You need to have a Bachelor's degree with minimum 40% marks, 


   Madurai Kamraj University, Directorate of Distance Education, Palkalainagar, Madurai 625021 offers two-year Bachelor of general law course 


   Unfortunately, due to statutory requirements, these courses are not recognised by the Bar Council of India and you will not be able to practice in a Court of Law after doing these courses. Of course the knowledge of law will always prove useful in any field.


Looking ahead 

I had to take voluntary retirement from the Army because of some health problem. I wish to take up a private job. Is there any way by which I can find a viable second career? Please advise. 
   Capt. Mehta


Armed Forces personnel are valued for their integrity,efficiency,sense of discipline, commitment and responsibility in the private sector where they do well in jobs ranging from security, facility management, and administration to training, logistics and personnel management among others. 


   Their excellent leadership qualities and communication skills enable them to integrate well within the organisational structure. Besides being more honest and open, they are also team players. 


   Since you have not mentioned your specific rank or other qualifications, I suggest you take stock of your skills, talent and interest and try matching your profile with the requirement of jobs in civvy-street to find a second career that's just right for you. 


   The Indian Army has an erecruitment portal for its exservicemen,, which serves as a common platform for exservicemen and employers. The portal has separate sections for job hunters as well as potential employers and registration is free. 


   And should you require it, the website will also help you prepare your resume, get interview tips and negotiate salaries. 


   If you wish to augment your managerial capability, there is an array of courses - short and longterm offered by prestigious Bschools like the Indian Institutes of Management (Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Lucknow, Indore), XLRI, MDI, IIT-D, NMIMS, MDI and Symbiosis to name a few. 


   Besides helping officers handle the business operations of the armed forces (e.g. logistics, supply chain management and project management), these courses open up a host of career opportunities for defence personnel like you who wish to get back to civvy-street by equipping you with additional management skills and business savvy to face the challenges of the corporate world.


Which way 

I am a final year student of BA (Hindi). My friends say there is hardly any scope for Hindi students. I feel disheartened because my English is not very good. 
   Kokila Juneja


Forgive your friends, for they know not what they speak! In fact, Hindi is becoming a popular subject at the college level, even in prestigious campuses like Delhi University. You could either teach in a school after doing your BEd or join the print or electronic media as a journalist, web content creator, announcer, newsreader, anchorperson or scriptwriter or travel guide. 


   The proliferation of the media - 100+ TV channels and soon 300+ FM stations - has spawned the need for youngsters who can communicate with style, ease and competence in Hindi (preferably bilingual). 


  If you have a way with words, you could also become a copywriter in an advertising agency, technical writer, public relations executive or join the tourism industry. Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Viswavidyalaya, Wardha (a Central University) offers a postgraduate diploma in cultural tourism management. Details are available on 


   An additional course in PR, journalism, advertising or mass communication would give you the necessary professional edge. 


   Familiarity with another language can open up avenues in translation amongst others. Several universities offer one-year diploma courses in translation for graduates. 


   Hindi translators are recruited by various government departments including the ministry of Home Affairs and ministry of external Affairs. 


   Institutions like the National Book Trust, the Bharatiya Gyanpeeth, the Sahitya Akademi, the Sangeet-Natya Akademi, the Central Hindi Directorate, the National School of Drama and the Bureau of Translation also support talented and upcoming translators. 


They are also required in foreign embassies, banks, print and electronic media, theatre, film industry, advertising and PR and travel agencies, MNCs, etc. 


The typical eligibility required is a Master's degree in Hindi/English with English/Hindi as a compulsory subject and as an elective subject at the Bachelor's level or a Bachelor's degree with Hindi and English as the main subject. 


There is also a large requirement for people who can do DTP work in Hindi. Knowledge of computers and good typing skills would be very helpful in this area. Domestic call centres, particularly in the North, also require people with good spoken Hindi. 


Hindi being our national language, there are several jobs at the clerical level and for typists and stenographers in banks and government offices. 


You can also opt for teaching at the higher level there are a lot of universities and colleges perpetually short of faculty. 


And if that's not enough, there is a need for Hindi language teachers even in the US!



Sunil Sharma


Dil Se Desi Group


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