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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Career in Finance


Lucrative careers in the field of finance

THE gap between the demand and supply of high-end skills in the area of finance is not only an actually-felt gap, it is also growing over time. Indian School of Business & Finance (ISBF) based in Delhi, is making an attempt to create an attractive opportunity for graduates by providing them training for exciting and lucrative career in the field of investment banking and financial markets. On offer at ISBF is a one-year diploma for graduates in finance awarded by the University of London in association with the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). 
   The University of London diploma in finance consists of four modules covering investment management,valuation and securities analysis, corporate finance and elements of econometrics. The course, designed by LSE, is taught by experienced faculty at ISBF. The academics who teach and assess students at the LSE campus and other colleges of the University of London not only develop the study material for these different modules in the course taught at ISBF but also set the examination papers and evaluate the scripts in London. As these courses are offered globally, the standards of the course are necessarily high and globally acceptable. 
   In order to ensure that students doing this diploma for graduates awarded by the University of London, have a strong foundation. ISBF is also offering a comprehensive curriculum in finance and awarding a one-year full time post graduate diploma inclusive of the University of London "graduate diploma". The course structure for the ISBF postgraduate diploma also includes economics for financial markets, quantitative methods for finance, introduction to financial accounting and international finance. This makes the course broadbased and comprehensive even for graduates with science & mathematics background apart from graduates with commerce and economics.The participants will have to apply their knowledge to real-life problems in the form of a project report prepared under the supervision and guidance of their academic and industry mentors. 
   The ISBF programme provides an edge over the traditional finance-related MBA (PGDBM) programmes of various B-schools, which largely concentrate on accounting and banking aspects,but lack the analytical rigour required in the area of financial research. 
   ISBF post graduate diploma holders will be highly sought after by international investments banks across a wide range of areas in corporate finance, equity research, fund management, and management consultancy. They would also have a unique opportunity to pursue a one-year MSc degree in Finance from LSE or any other leading university around the world. 
   Besides the diploma in finance, ISBF has an established Centre For Financial Planning. The centre offers a one-year full-time postgraduate diploma in wealth management incorporating a globally recognised certification. The current batch of postgraduate diploma in wealth management, have been successfully placed in respected financial sector organisations like HSBC Bank, HDFC Mutual Fund, Deutsche Bank, Kotak Bank, MF Global, JM Financial and many others in their wealth management/client advisory division. The director of ISBF Jitin Chadha says, "We have had an unprecedented response from the industry, our batch of 30 students were placed within a month, most of the students had two to three job offers from various banks and other financial institutions." 
   The bouquet of educational courses on Business and Finance offered at the ISBF also includes highly prestigious undergraduate courses in economics, banking & finance management as well as economics & management from the University of London in association with LSE.These courses have already carved out a niche for the discerning who look for courses full of content as well as utility in real life.These degrees are recognised now as equivalent to honours degrees of the University of Delhi. 
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