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Friday, September 5, 2008

Bussiness Education in India

B-line for India


INDIA is fast emerging as a lucrative market for executive education for global business schools. After Harvard Business School recently conducted its first-ever executive education programme in India, it's now the turn of Oxford University's Said School of Business to announce its initiative in India.

Due to its present business environment, the Indian market is ripe for executive education programmes. "Indian companies are looking at developing general and senior management skills. Companies are internationalising so fast that they need skills to run not just domestic, but international operations as well," informs Lalit Johri, programme director, Oxford AMP, Said School of Business.

The first programme that the Said School will launch in India is its flagship Advanced Management Programme (AMP), which aims to help participants deal with global challenges, organisational challenges, leadership issues and in planning for the future. "We intend to launch the AMP in India by March next year," says Johri. The school is investing one million pounds to develop the India AMP, which will be suitably customised for an Indian audience. Eventually, the school also hopes to launch the Oxford Strategic Leadership programme, a programme in project management, one in negotiations and some customised programmes in finance and operations management.

There are two directions the AMP can possibly take in India. It can either be an open enrolment programme or one focused on an industry vertical. For now, Johri has identified one industry vertical that the AMP will focus on - the construction sector. "In the construction sector, there is still a disparity as far as knowledge of international practices is concerned," states Johri. Further, the school has already signed on Hindustan Construction Ltd as a partner for this programme, which will cater to executives from companies in, or related to, the construction industry - like financing companies, regulators, suppliers of steel, cement and hardware, and joint venture partners of construction companies.

Currently the AMP runs twice a year in Oxford and once in Saudi Arabia.The programme costs 20,000 pounds. "However, in India it will cost just 11,000, as the remainder will be paid for by our benefaction," adds Johri. The programme will involve Indian case studies and will subsequently also include Indian faculty members. "Eventually, we will have 18 Oxford faculty members and about 2-3 from India, besides a mix of tutors," says Johri.

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