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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beating The Exam Stress

Beating the stress

ALMOST everyone feels nervous before an exam. Butterflies in the stomach and thoughts like - ‘Will I be able to answer the questions? Is my preparation okay?’ - are clear indications of exam stress. In fact a certain amount of stress probably helps us perform better but too much of anxiety can block thoughts, lead to panic and potentially poor exam performance. Here are some tips for students to help them mange time and keep exam anxiety away:


Do relaxation exercise(stretching and relaxing your body) to keep stress away

Do not work to the last minute on the night or morning before the exam Last minute revision may leave you feeling confused and anxious

Keep all your things like pencil box,entry card etc at one place Eat and sleep well Reach the exam centre 15 minutes early Do not discuss with your friends about their preparation- you will get confused. Engage in light talks


Take a few deep breaths and do positive self-talk Read the directions carefully and manage time Start with questions you know well Write in points and highlight main points Try to stick to the word limit to save time Don’t panic when others hand in their papers. Focus on your work Review your test to make sure you have not left out any answers

Sunil Sharma


Dil Se Desi Group

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