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Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Counsellor - 4

Exam Fever

I am in class X and I am very nervous as the board exams are fast approaching. Though my memorising power is fairly good but I cannot sit at length while studying. What should I do? 

Param Singh

It can be disturbing at times when you compare yourself with others, who can study for long hours at a stretch, but everyone has his/her own capacity to study. Also, what is more important is the quality time you devote to your studies and not necessarily the number of hours. As long 
  as you are able to deliver the desired output and are doing well in your studies, I think everything is fine. Putting extra pressure on yourself will only worsen the situation by making you nervous and anxious during your exams. So even if you can study for about half-an-hour at a stretch, it is good enough so long as your entire syllabus is covered and you have no difficulty with any of the subjects. 

Scoring Problems

I am in class XI pursuing science, non-medical. I was an above average student till last year, but now, I am hardly able to score even 50%. It's not that I don't grasp concepts, but because I hardly get any time for self-studying due to long coaching hours besides school. Please help.

Jyoti Rana 

What you are going through is understandable, however this is also the time to pull up your socks and put in all the more effort as the results will certainly come, if not right away, then at a later stage. It is important that you develop a schedule for yourself and most importantly, stick to it, for which you may also take the help of others around you. Also, it is extremely important to identify your weaker areas and work on them.Taking the help of your teachers can be a possible solution here. Also, taking regular self-tests will ensure that you have a good idea about how the paper needs to be answered and what are the potential areas where you may be making mistakes consistently, so that you can improve upon them. 

Sunil Sharma
Dil Se Desi Group

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