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Sunday, August 24, 2008



'A curator is not merely an exhibition designer'
Deeksha Nath is an independent arts curator who has been part of several shows in New Delhi and London. She also writes for a well-known art magazine in the country and has penned a script on artist Arpana Caur.
In school I had a subject on art, and art history was a component of it. Since I got interested in it my teacher suggested that I study art history at college. At that time, in 1994, M S University in Baroda was the only institution offering an undergraduate degree in art history. However, universities didn't tell you how you could put it to use. I didn't want to immediately do my Master's after getting a BFA degree. I was working at the Sanskriti Foundation organising events when I got the opportunity to do my Master's in arts management at the City University in London.But I didn't enjoy arts management too much. I missed art history. Later, after I began curating shows and writing on art, I applied for the Charles Wallace grant and I got it in 2006. I was in London for a year studying contemporary art theory.

When I returned to India after my Master's degree in arts management I got a job as a consultant assistant curator with the National Gallery of Modern Art during the Picasso exhibition. But I wasn't too happy working in a government organisation. Unless you are part of the bureaucracy, it's hard for the structure to work for you. Later, I got an offer from an NGO named Tarshi to curate a show for Women's Day. I chose five young artists for it. In 2005, I was approached by the director of Devi Art Foundation in New Delhi. I have curated a show for them which will open later this year.When I was in London studying contemporary art theory, I curated a show for the Grosvenor Gallery, which comprised video, sculpture, drawings, photography and other forms of art.

Curating a show takes a couple of months. I first consider the idea for the show, think of the artists who excite me and whose works have themes that overlap. Then I write to the artist and select works, which the gallery will bring to the venue. I prepare a catalogue about the works which includes an essay on the artist four weeks before the exhibition. About two days before the show, I hang the paintings on the wall.

You can quote a flat rate for curating a show. It can range from Rs 1 lakh and more. Besides, you can get a lumpsum at the end of the show or take a quarterly payment.

It's the freedom to explore things that interest you. I don't have the deadlines of a 9-to-5 job. I enjoy interacting with artists and seeing their work.

Sunil Sharma
Dil Se Desi Group

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